One Lovely Blog: An Inspiration Roundup

I have quite enjoyed writing about my Montessori escapades over the past year or so. This blog is a great venue for writing, contemplating education, and discussing ideas. But more than that, blogging has connected me to an inspiring community of educators. I’ve been meaning to do a round up of blogs that I enjoy reading, and today is the day!

Today is special because A Montessori Story has been nominated for the “One Lovely Blog” award.


There are 3 simple rules to accepting this award:

  1. Thank & link back to the person who nominated you.
  2. Share seven interesting facts about yourself, & add the blog award logo to your post.
  3. Nominate 15 other bloggers & comment on their blogs to let them know.

So without further ado, I would like to officially accept this award. Thanks so much to Lolly from Elementary Observations for thinking of my little blog! Also, thank you for being such a great resource & inspiration in the blogging community.

For any readers who haven’t yet checked out the Elementary Observations blog, you should!

Now, seven interesting facts about myself:

  • I am originally from a small town in Alabama. I lived in Portland, Oregon for three years & completed my AMI teacher training there. Now I live in San Francisco.
  • My undergraduate degree was in broadcast journalism. Although I worked with children in daycare centers & summer camps throughout my college years, I never actually heard of Montessori education until AFTER college!
  •  I love the idea of reading fiction books, but I tend to mostly read nonfiction.
  • I never cared much for mathematics until my Montessori training. Now I LOVE math, and especially geometry.
  • I am currently learning to play chess AND to knit. My students are much better at kitting than I.
  •  I love to bake! Mostly muffins, but I also make a pretty amazing cheesecake.
  • I have a fun, loving, handsome, intelligent husband who is my blog’s #1 fan. Our only child is a 15-pound fluffy, orange Maine Coon named Conan.
Conan enjoys helping me write up new blog posts.

Conan enjoys helping me write up new blog posts.

Finally, here is my roundup blogs that I enjoy reading and find inspiring for one reason or another. I nominate each of you for the One Lovely Blog award!

I realize that some of these blogs have likely already been nominated for this award. So simply consider yourself double nominated.

This is a varied list of blogs. I think it includes a little something for everyone. I hope you find something new that you connect with!

Happy reading!

*EDIT: Some of the links weren't working properly yesterday (Feb. 1). I apologize for the inconvenience. I believe that I have corrected the issue.