What Do You Do With An Idea?

Back in October, my sister sent me this book for my birthday­­–a particularly endearing gift to a first-year Montessori teacher trying to grow her collection of children’s books. It is now a treasured item on my shelf.

I have read this aloud to my students several times now. My class includes children ranging in age from 6 to 12 years old, but this is a story for all. The youngest children adore the charming illustrations, and the older ones are able to engage in thoughtful discussion about the book’s message.

In What Do You Do With an Idea?, author Kobi Yamada invites his reader to see an idea as something magical, beautiful, and fun. His story encourages you to be proud of your idea, and to give it your time & attention so that it will grow. A small idea has the potential to grow into a BIG idea that can make a positive impact in the world. 

Through her stunning illustrations, Mea Besom expressed this message in a very creative way.

Her images stimulate questions such as: 

“Why do you think the illustrator chose to draw an egg to represent an idea?”

"How would you draw an idea?"

“Why do you think the pictures were drawn in mostly black & white throughout the story until the end when the entire page is filled with a beautiful burst of color?”

Some of my students shared their own ideas—big and small. And we even discussed what it means to nurture an idea.

This is a lovely story and a well-loved gift! Thanks, Jenn!

What are some of your favorite children’s books? Please share in the comments!